Who We Are

I am Geraldine, mom of two little boys and passionate about Aromatherapy. I started using oils years ago and intensified their use with my pregnancies, with all the safety considerations. I wanted to reduce the chemical load on my body. To give only the best to my kids. Today I want to share this with you.

I am a certified Aromatherapist recognized by NAHA (USA) and AIA (international), and founder of BlueTansy Aroma launched in April 2019. The safe use of essential oils is my top priority. Since day one, I knew that by offering personalized coaching in Aromatherapy and customized products with essential oils, we would empower our clients to enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Blue Tansy is the "Oil of Inspired Action". This deep blue essential oil helps to release negative emotions as procrastinating and resisting change. It encourages to follow your intuition. It relates to my story. After resisting for years to what my inner voice was telling me, I decided to go for what I stand for and making my job out of it. I was so scared, excited, doubtful… Essential oils were there to help me go for it. So here I am, chasing my dream with the support of Aromatherapy.

Our color palette expresses BlueTansy Aroma's promise to help you find fluidity and balance in your life, to create a solid ground for staying happy & healthy. 

We develop personalized and safe synergy blends & solutions for each client, working with 100% pure essential oils (verified GC/MS reports), 100% natural and responsibly sourced products. The safe use of essential oils is our number one priority. #aromawithcare is our motto.

Our mission is to empower people to be in charge of their own wellbeing; on the emotional as well as on the physical level. We want to encourage people to stay healthy by encouraging prevention and an increased feeling of wellbeing. This can be achieved in consultation, by helping people understand how to use essential oils safely to reach their goals! 


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