The 2020 Mama Recovery Kit


We’re thrilled to announce our first holiday gift: the 2020 Mama Recovery Kit.  As a collaboration between The Sibyls and BlueTansy Aroma, this package includes three essential oil blends (two roll-ons and one inhaler) customized just for The Sibyls, and access to a workshop that teaches you how, when, and why to use essential oils. These blends are made with 100% pure essential oils (verified GC/MS reports), 100% natural and responsibly sourced. Each blend was carefully crafted and designed to help moms combat common challenges of motherhood. This is the perfect holiday gift for any mom in your life, and especially for new moms in 2020!  

What's in the 2020 Recovery Kit?


Every minute of sleep counts in your first year with a newborn! This oil blend was created because of its relaxing and sleep-friendly properties, for both naptime and bedtime. Perfect for new moms feeling jumpy when trying to fall asleep or resting less deeply than they used to, this synergy will help you get the rest you deserve.



Between the new pressures of motherhood, and the lack of steady sleep, new moms are prone to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. When you’re one minute away from losing it (particularly when baby’s crying), this synergy will help you calm down and feel grounded again. 


Brain fog isn’t a figment of your imagination: it’s a real and frustrating reality for many mamas.  Get rid of brain fog and get energized with this safe oil blend. When you feel tired and your memory is giving up on you, a few inhalations of this natural remedy will give you mental clarity and focus.


FREE ACCESS to our workshop on how, when and why to use essential oils as a new mom. 


Essential Oils and New Moms



During childbirth and the first year of parenting, women face physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Because society considers this to be a happy period, we neglect the body-mind state of the new mom, who’s often overwhelmed. Essential oils are powerful tools to help women ride this season’s waves of happiness, anxiety and fatigue. Certified Aromatherapist Géraldine Surkyn teaches us simple strategies for using essential oils to attain balance and overall well-being in early motherhood. From alleviating anxiety and brain fog to promoting healthy sleep (for mom and baby!), aromatic oils are a fun way for new moms to care for themselves.

BONUS: Everyone who purchases the 2020 Mama Recovery Kit, an exclusive essential oil pack created by Blue Tansy Aroma and The Sibyls will have FREE ACCESS to this workshop. 



  • What’s an essential oil?

  • What are the different ways to apply essential oils?

  • What safety measures should a pregnant or breastfeeding woman consider?

  • Which essential oils can help with the top concerns of the firsts months of motherhood?

  • How can I use my 2020 Mama Recovery Kit oils? 

  • How can I create my own aromatic recipe for my weekly self-care routine?


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