The 2020 Mama Recovery Kit


We’re thrilled to announce our first gift: the 2020 Mama Recovery Kit.  As a collaboration between The Sibyls and BlueTansy Aroma, this package includes three essential oil blends (two roll-ons and one inhaler) customized just for The Sibyls, and access to a workshop that teaches you how, when, and why to use essential oils. These blends are made with 100% pure essential oils (verified GC/MS reports), 100% natural and responsibly sourced. Each blend was carefully crafted and designed to help moms combat common challenges of motherhood. This is the perfect holiday gift for any mom in your life, and especially for new moms in 2020!  

Happiness coach.png

La Puissance au Féminin


A cycle. Four Seasons. Four synergies of essential oils.

Alexandra Marchant Ascarez has been a “Happiness Coach” for more than 10 years.

She helps women in both Europe and the United States become the best version of themselves through:

  • a vibrant and colorful diet

  • a spiritual practice that meets their needs and values

  • a career that makes them get up in the morning light and enthusiastic.


Alexandra’s new "Power in the Feminine" program is a journey through your feminine cycle. She puts words on what we don't talk about much, which is part of us and yet which still often makes us uncomfortable. We created this program in partnership to help as many women as possible understand each other better and create more harmony in their lives.


A cycle. Four Seasons. Four synergies of essential oils. To accompany each phase of your cycle, we have chosen two essential oils that embrace the energy and emotions of that phase.