Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Geraldine made me a personalized “Mom kit” to help me manage the little inconveniences that are related to pregnancy. I only had to answer a few questions and all the products were tailored to my exact needs!

Thanks to her “Sleep Fairy” spray I fall asleep right away and have a much deeper sleep, thanks to her “anxiety fighter” inhaler I can cope with stressful moments and thoughts, and with her “Happy Mom Booster” I cope with moments of low energy and mood.

These three products never leave my handbag and nightstand, and I cannot wait to order more personalized products. It’s all natural, made with love and so much care!

To top it all she chooses your favorite fragrances, which makes using her products moments of pure bliss.

For my mom who has been struggling with severe insomnia for almost ten years now, going on and off sleeping pills and trying every possible solution, she now falls asleep in less than twenty minutes and wakes up fully rested in the morning, thanks to her personalized inhaler and essential oils roll.
My mom blesses Geraldine absolutely every day, and we’re all about to order massive amounts of products

Thank you @bluetansyaroma

Chloé B.

I am traveling a lot and have to deal with jetlag. I tried the "Sleeping Beauty" mini inhaler stick from Blue Tansy Aroma and it helped me fall asleep and gave me many restful nights. ..and is all-natural, love it! 😴

Catherine C.

My friend spoiled me with this personalized “Mood Boost & Nourishing Lipbalm” from Blue Tansy Aroma - it is simply PERFECT (hydrating, smooth texture, long-lasting, natural fragrance from the essential oils is divine and soothing). I cannot wait to try more 🌺

Claire N.


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