Keep your team engaged and support their wellbeing.

Keep your team engaged while working remote and support their wellbeing.

There are many approaches to creating a culture of wellness in the workplace, and a positive work environment for your team. Approaches such as attention to employee wellness, connection, and communication all make an impact.


If you goals are to connect with you team and offer them tools for long term wellness, you are in the right place.


Did you know there are many ways to enhance your team's productivity with essential oils? 

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Boost mood & Energy

Positive energy, fight afternoon slump, emotions management.

Enhance cognitive skills

Focus, concentration, memory, decision making, problem solving.

Stress & anxiety

Boost confidence, improve sleep, facilitate public speaking, decrease overthinking, decrease anxiety.

What you get


Interactive and hands-on online workshop by a Certified Professional Aromatherapist recognized by NAHA (USA) & AIA (International).

Customized anonymous survey to take the team's temperature & mood level to adapt the content of the workshop.

101 Productivity Kit: Essential oils (4x3ml), a DIY inhaler and a synergy delivered to each person of your team.